Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day #22,619

Walk km 15,194-15,196: to T&T

Movie #2395: The House On Telegraph Hill (1951, Robert Wise)

It's a melodrama of a lady in peril in an old spooky house. Not really my cup of tea. A nice idea is to wrap the whole thing in an extra layer of guilt (like Psycho). Pretty good for its type.

Book #474: Scandal!! (2001, William Rayner)

History of British Columbia (scandals only). Found the men behind a lot of the road names in Vancouver. Almost every premier of BC ends up in hot water so there are plenty of stories to tell. One problem was an anti-NDP bias. One scandal was paying union wages for road construction - yes it cost the taxpayers extra but the money did go to road workers. That doesn't really qualify as a scandal.  

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