Friday, November 15, 2013

Day #22,611

Walk km 15,140-15,143 (7468 to go): to T&T

Book #473: The Dead Are Discreet (1974, Arthur Lyons)

This is Arthur Lyons first book and it has a problem. There is nobody in the book who needs rescuing. The private eye must "save the day" for someone. Lyons improved with later books.

Movie #2383: You Only Live Twice (1967, Lewis Gilbert)
Fantasy about a Scotsman being send to rescue the world from Soviet/American assured destruction. Turns out it was Donald Pleasence and his pet cat who was behind it all. Has a nice new shiny toy look but beneath the surface it's totally empty.
They have wasted  the talent of an excellent director.
Sub-par theme tune from Nancy Sinatra.

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