Monday, November 18, 2013

Day #22,614

Walk km 15,160-15,162: to T&T

Movie #2388: Bottled Life (2011, Urs Schnell)

I always wondered why Nestle can sell their water cheaper than Coke or Pepsi. In fact, a lot of the time, it's even cheaper than the "no name" brands.
This is a documentary about Nestle's water division but you won't find the answer here. This is just a diatribe against capitalism. Once again, we have a filmmaker who is appalled that a corporation is doing everything it can to make as much money as it can. That's the definition of a corporation. If you don't like it then fight capitalism - don't fight Nestle.

Movie #2389: Spring Of Korean Peninsula (1941, Buyung-il Lee)

This is so obscure it is not found on IMDB. It can be found on the "KoreanFilm" channel of YouTube.
The movie itself is quite dull and only the novelty value of it being such an obscure piece of Korean film history keeps a person watching. 

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