Friday, November 8, 2013

Day #22,602-604

Walk km 15,077-15,086: College Park
Walk km 15,086-15,089: to Safeway
Walk km 15,089-15,092: to Safeway

Movie #2379: Libeled Lady (1936, Jack Conway)
Myrna Loy does look sexy in waders

Rated 78 on IMDB with glowing reviews. Unfortunately, I can't agree. If there's one thing that has improved considerably since the "golden age" of the cinema, it's comedy. This might have been hilarious in 1936 but it's just kind of amusing now. William Powell gets the best part and does quite well. But, Jean Harlow? This was a star? Poor girl.

Book #472: Whispering Death (2012, Garry Disher)

It's the latest instalment of Victoria's (Australia) favourite crime fighters. Personal problems are kept to a minimum this time: Pam tries something new and Challis is in hot water with the top brass again. The usual motley crew of criminals decend on the town to make things interesting. Another excellent page turner.

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