Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day #22,598-599

Movie #2375: The Bushwackers (1951, Rod Amateau)

Sunday morning nursing a cold. What better time to watch an old-time western? Barroom brawl. Shoot-em-up. Damsel in distress. This one has it all. Good guys win in the end. Yup. Hero gets the girl. You bet!

Movie #2376: The Night Stalker (1972, John Llewellyn Moxey)

TV movie about a vampire in Las Vegas. It gets a few points for silliness and some scenes of '72 Vegas but otherwise it's the usual dumbed down TV pablem. Would you believe that this got a 76/100 in IMDB? The people who vote on IMDB must be braindead. 

Movie #2377: Storytelling (2001, Todd Solondz)

I think I've seen this before. I don't remember the first story at all but when Consuelo enters the 2nd story then I knew I'd seen it before. As usual with Solondz, the movie is just chockablock with unlovable losers. It's likely to be a real downer to most but if you're an unlovable loser, you'll feel right at home.

TV Episode #62: Alfred hitchcock Hour: 10 Minutes From Now (1964, Alf Kjellin)
VIOOZ was down and Netflix no longer has "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" so I watched this one on YouTube. Pretty bad video quality on non too exciting story. Thought I saw David Carradine in a tiny role. Sure enough.

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