Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day #22,627

Walk km 15,244-15,248: to T&T with detour due to Santa Claus parade

Movie #2403: Teenagers Battle The Thing (1958, Don Fields)

Just when you thought you've seen it all. High school students go on an archeology dig and discover a mummy. I start clicking through YouTube and find a long lost film from ancient times (1958).
It appears back in ancient times (1958) any nitwit with a camera could make a horror movie by doing it all himself and using friends and relatives as actors. This is what we've unearthed here. Whereas the mummy in the movie heads off on a rampage of attacking people, this movie just drifts along and then it ends. Another 60 minutes wasted. 
FYI, there is no IMDB rating because this movie is not listed. It only appears as "The Curse Of Bigfoot" in which scenes from this movie are used as flashbacks.

Movie #2304: We Are 18 Years Old (1959, Jesus Franco)

With VIOOZ out of commission all day (maybe forever?) it was back to YouTube. First the incredibly obscure Teenagers Battle The Thing and now a very early Jesus Franco (his 1st movie directed - he made almost 200 more). This one is mostly silly but there is just enough weirdness to make it watchable. 

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