Friday, December 20, 2013

Day #22,646

Walk km 15,383-15,386: running errands

TV episode #66: The Patty Duke Show - Do A Brother A Favour (1966, Gary Nelson )
TV episode #67: Family Guy - Roads To Vegas (2013, various )
TV episode #68: Family Guy - Into Fat Air (2013, various)

What a difference 47 years makes - comedy has come a long way.  I've never seen Family Guy before. Haven't seen Patty Duke in 47 years. Family Guy is way better - but Patty was way cuter.

Movie #2422: Trip With The Teacher (1975, Earl Barton)

Not sure why this one is rated only 35 by IMDB. Excellent use of music during the dramatic sequences. Zalman King makes a great motorcycle psycho. Maybe I was expecting too little but it was much better than I expected. Looks like Hollywood agreed that it was a stinker because Earl Barton never got to make another movie. 

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