Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day #22,647

Walk km 15,386-15,396: Elgin (Surrey)
Meetup walkers in the woods (with snow!)
approx km 15,393 Semiahmoo Trail (Surrey)

TV episode #69: Family Guy: The Old Man With The Big C (2012, various)

TV Episode #70: Family Guy: Ratings Guy (2012, various)
TV Episode #71: Bonanza: Desert Justice (1960, Lewis Allen)
Bonanza looks much the same although I haven't seen it for nigh on 45 years. Except that I remember it as being in black and white. Also remember that it came with a whole lot of Chevrolet commercials. It never was a favourite - we just watched it because we had no choice.

TV Episode #72: The Rifleman: The Pet (1958, Joseph H Lewis)

Haven't seen this one in nigh on 50 years! This one looked way better than the Bonanza episode and I could see why when the credits ran: the great Joseph H Lewis directed! 
IMDB says Lewis directed 51 of these - I'd better track them down.
WOW!! Look what I found when I was searching for a picture to go with this item: this is the cover of The Rifleman book that I had when I was a kid - had totally forgotten about it!

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