Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day #22,638-640

Walk km 15,331-15,341: to WestCoast Symphony concert
Walk km 15,341-15,343 (7297 to go): to Safeway
Movie #2417: Star Wars (1977, George Lucas)

George Lucas must have really liked to play with his toys when he was a kid. I also assume that when he wasn't doing that he was watching B-westerns and seriels on TV.
This movie is just one great big box of toys. The plot is minimal (good guys vs bad guys). The action is mostly western inspired (lots of shootemups with the bad guys not being able to hit the broad side of a barn).
A couple of robits fill in for the comical sidekick. One lady in distress. Pretty standard stuff.
Not my cupatea.

Book #477: Go Home Stranger (1954, Charles Williams)

Charles Williams is on the "A" list of guys who wrote cheap paperback originals. Once again we have a seafaring theme although here it's just boats on the bayou.
The ending is a little weak but then this is one of his early works so he may not have totally perfected his craft at this point.

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