Monday, December 23, 2013

Day #22,649

Walk km 15,398-15,405: to T&T (the long way)

Movie #2423: Jesse James (1939, Henry King & Irving Cummings)
There were a lot of great and famous movies made in 1939. This wasn't one of them. Cartoonish from start to finish. I doubt if any of this poppycock was true.
And Tyrone Power wasn't much of an actor but where did they get this Nancy Kelly? Who's relative was she?
And getting Donald Meek to play the head of the railroad! They weren't serious. And Henry Hull's idiotic rantings! They weren't serious.

Movie #2424: Annie Hall (1977, Woody Allen)

Very clever. However, I prefer his movies with plots.
And Diane Keaton's singing was horrible.
But she does look sexy wearing a tie.

TV Episode #75: Highway Patrol - Father Thief (1955, Herbert L Strock)
Even the awful Herbert L Strock (The Crawling Hand) can't ruin this one. Broderick Crawford rules. 

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