Monday, September 8, 2014

Day #22,906-908

Walk km 17,504-17,525: weekend walks (Deep Cove and to Army & Navy)
Walk km 17,525-17,527: walk near hotel
Paris in the evening
approx km 17,526 Notre Dame De Lorette

Movie #2548: Blended (2014, Frank Coraci)
What to watch on a plane? Don't want to watch anything good because the plane experience will ruin it. How about Adam Sandler? Good choice. Empty entertainment.  Is this a remake of The Brady Bunch? Better than the last Sandler I saw (GrownUps) but it's hard to imagine he could get any worse. Lots of standard family values crap (although it was nice to see the oddball Vancouver couple be portrayed as "good guys"). And good to see Drew Barrymore is still around. Those celebrity childhoods have a way of screwing up a life. Good for a plane - you'd have to be pretty bored to enjoy this in any other setting).

TV episodes #109-10: two more 30 Rocks on a plane.

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