Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day #22917

Walk km 17,595-17,605: to the solidarity bridge and back

Book #509: .Book Case (1991, Stephen Greenleaf)

Greenleaf is one of the best. This one starts a little slow because the case his private eye is engaged in is not a matter of life and death. .In fact, he's called into a case where no crime was actually committed. However, Greenleaf does get things rolling after awhile and he never lets up. Greenleaf probably could have not got things rolling at all and it would still be a good book.

Movie #2556: Hero (1992, Stephen Frears)

Frears does it again. Geena Davis is drop-dead gorgeous. Dustin Hoffman is fun to watch. Storyline kinda reminded me of Meet John Doe (but sorta inside-out). Wonderful 2 hours.

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