Friday, September 26, 2014

Day #22,926

Walk km 17,676-17,678: to the laundromat
Walk km 17,678-17,682: around Amersfoort

Book #511: Kittyhawk Down (2004, Garry Disher)

Once again, it's a regular Peyton Place in Waterloo, Victoria, Australia. It's a crime novel but the criminals have to step aside to give the sordid private lives of the police their fair share of the commentary. An excellent idea by Disher is to blur the lines between police and criminals. Nobody's all white or all black.

Movie #2558: The Rocking Horse Winner (1949, Anthony Pelissier)

Very interesting movie for 1949. Not your standard Hollywood fare. We have a couple of upper class twits. The father is a noaccount who loses his job and gambles their money away at cards and claims he just has bad luck. The mother was born rich and refuses to believe that they have no money and must stop living the life of the rich. Her idea is to ignore that they have no money. Their son picks up their vibes and starts betting the horses based on who his rocking horse tells him will win. He is determined to get money for his mother so she can continue her fantasy life.Even the normally level headed uncle and gardener get caught up in this lunacy. No good can come of this situation.

Movie #2559: We Are The Best (2013, Lukas Moodysson)
This one doesn't really make it. His "Together" was great due to the closing scene where everybody throws off their daily concerns and learn to live as children again. Here there are 3 children who act goofy for a couple of hours and then decide that they really like each other at the end. That's OK but not really the same thing. 

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