Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day #22,909

Walk km 17,527-17,641: Metro Bel-Air to Arc De Triomphe to Pigalle

detail of building
approx km 17,533 part of Louvre(?)

Movie #2549: The Wayward Bus (1957, Victor Vicas)

From the John Steinbeck novel that I read when I was a youngster. Poor film quality (YouTube) that detracts from what was probably a pretty good film. The story is still great and the concept of gathering together a few characters in a confined space and then watching them react never fails.

Movie #2550: Girl In Trouble (1963, Brandon Chase)

Another one from YouTube. A New Orleans sexploitation film about a small town girl going to be big city and having her life head straight downhill even before she hits the city limits. Pretty dull stuff with no plot and no acting. The peeping tom clerk in the fleabag hotel was my favourite.
Lots of street scenes from 1963 New Orleans but I didn't see Lee Harvey Oswald anywhere. 

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