Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day #22,924-925

Walk km 17,661-17,663: Rotterdam
Walk km 17,663-17,670: Amersfoort

bull statue
approx km 17,666 Amersfoort ring road

TV episode #124: The Simpsons  - I, (Annoyed Grunt) bot (2004)
According to the wikipedia this is The Simpsons version of The Twilight Zone's "Steel". Not really. Homer enters a bot war TV episode by hiding inside a mail box.

Movie #2557: Hickey & Boggs (1972, Robert Culp)

Another one where the screenwriter may be more important than the director. It was Walter Hill who wrote this three years before he made his debut as a director (Hard Times). And it is quite a complicated plot with clues dropping from time to time until you get to see the whole picture by the end (I was still scratching my head).

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