Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day #22,923

Walk km 17,655-17,661: walk in Hoorn

water, water, everywhere
approx km 17,658 Hoorn Holland

TV episode #122: Twilight Zone - Steel (1963, Don Weis)
TV Episode #123 I Married Joan - New House (1954, Ezra Stone)

Steel is one of the most famous of the Twilight Zone episodes: Lee Marvin fights a B7 when his B2 breaks down and cannot fight. He gets beaten to a pulp.
Then I looked on IMDB to see what was Don Weis' first ever TV directing credit. They said the "New House" episode of  "I Married Joan". So, I watched it but the credit was displayed as Ezra Stone not Don Weis. BTW, I Married Joan was a clunker.

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