Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day #22,995-996

Walk km18,317-18,332: Hardenbroek to Culemborg

Movie #2612: Il Sorpasso (1962, Dino Risi)
A chance meeting between an extreme introvert and an extreme extrovert. Vittorio Gassman talks Jean-Louis Trintignant into coming along with him to a restaurant he knows that has good food. A few days later Jean-Louis has shed his introvert ways and is howling at the moon just like his friend Vittorio. But, sometimes if you fly too close to the sun........
Excellent. Available for a limited time on VIOOZ.

Movie #2613: The Killer Inside Me (2010, Michael Winterbottom)
A remake of the Jim Thompson story. It's just way too slick. Does this look like 1950s Texas? Does any of this look like what's going on inside Lou Ford's brain? Nope and nope. What's left? Just a regular crime film.

TV episode #135: Hazel (pilot) (1961,???)
When you're a kid and there's only 1 channel on TV, you'll watch dang near anything. Exhibit "A".

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