Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day #23,008-009

Walk km 18,416-18,434: 11 city walk

a boundary
approx km 18,425 between Richmond (left side) and New Westminster (right side)

Movie rewatch: Tattooed Stranger (1950, Edward Montagne)
It may not be great shakes as a police procedural but it's got one big thing going for it: instead of being shot on Hollywood backlots, this was shot on the streets of Brooklyn. Loved the look of it. 

Movie #2624: Corner Gas: The Movie (2014, David Storey)
One last shot at making a few bucks from Corner Gas. The movie is just like a longer episode of the TV show. Some of the cast members are beginning to look their age. Could have done without this. IMDB rating is 81?

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