Monday, December 29, 2014

Day #23,020-021

Walk km 18,505-18,515: to Marine Drive Station
Walk km 18,515-18,527: to 41st @ Dunbar

Book #521: Lights Out (2006, Jason Starr)
Another tale of NYC idiocy. All characters are morons who always manage to turn a bad situation into a total fucked up mess. In this novel the characters appear to be a little less morally corrupt than in the other two Starr novels I've read. However, they all  end up in the same place: either dead or wishing they were.

Movie #2630: Naked Prey (1965, Cornel Wilde)
Wasn't aware that Netflix had this one. Famous film as actor Cornel Wilde went to Africa to film this and came back with a gorgeous looking film. However, the plot leaves a lot to be desired. We're supposed to believe that a European hunter would be able to elude a whole village of natives.Every time the natives are near and they start running, Cornel always speeds way ahead and has plenty of time to arrange an ambush. 

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