Monday, December 8, 2014

Day #23,000

Walk km 18,357-18,362: test walk to the Prague Hilton
Walk km 18,362-18,368: to EPT Prague

Movie #2618: Thunderbirds Are GO (1966, David Lane)
It's all so F.A.B.! Did you love playing with toys as a kid? If so, you're gonna love this movie. All the actors are puppets but the real stars are the toy spaceships and cars. Amazing amount of work was put into this to recreate the world in miniature although I did see a few cheats where real live action was inserted.
The plot is pretty crappy - Thunderbirds save mission to Mars at takeoff and re-entry with a dream sequence plopped in between. The dream sequence is kinda useless except for the puppet version of Cliff Richard & The Shadows. FAB.

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