Monday, December 22, 2014

Day #23,014

Walk km 18,466-18,471: to T&T via Main Street

Movie #2527: Little Rita Of The West (1967, Ferdinando Baldi)
It's a spaghetti western and the Rita in question is Rita Pavone! In case you don't know Rita, just imagine an Italian version of Lulu. And she's the fastest shootin' and hardest punchin' little pipsqueak in the west. Lots of tunes as well. A lot of fun poked at "real" spaghetti westerns and done with great style. A delight from beginning to end.
Also, this YouTube version clocks in at 97 minutes whereas IMDB says 90. Supposedly a lot of the musical numbers were removed by the producers for the American version (all the songs are sung in Italian). 

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