Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day #23,001

Walk km 18,368-18,379: over the river, into the park, up the hill (Prague)
some sorta big church
approx km 18,374 Prague

Movie #2619:  The Teacher (1974, Howard Avedis)
Better than I thought it would be. This was made by Crown International which was the king of the teen exploitation movie during the 70s. This one is also a teen sexploitation movie but as an added extra attraction they also include a psycho on the loose subplot. This psycho just keeps popping up everywhere until he finally acts like psycho should in the final scenes.   
Angel Tompkins is kinda bland as the sex crazy teacher. Jay "Denis The Menace" North is surprisingly good as the horny teen. But Anthony James gets the plum role: the psycho.

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