Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day #21,411

Walk km 2563-2565: Thurlow/Alberni/Nicola/Haro
Walk km 2565-2568: Burrard/Georgia/Bute/Pendrell/Jervis/Davie/Thurlow/Nelson/Burrard

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aprox km 2565 Bute @ Haro

Movie #1053: Vanishing Point (1971, Richard C Sarafien)

This one is an old time favourite but this is the first time I've seen it on DVD. The previous three times most of the scenes with the nude biker were cut out. That is restored for the DVD and it sure makes a person think that that poor woman must have gotten a terrible sunburn. What is also added for the DVD is Richard C Sarafien's commentary and sure enough that woman did get a terrible sunburn from her scenes. The commentary is excellent and definately worth the price of the DVD: $5.
Overall, the movie is excellent except for the flashbacks which don't seem to blend in well and the music that "SuperSoul" played. I would have expected something a bit more funky from a DJ named SuperSoul. The best music is played during an early montage of him driving in Colorado which if I'm reading the credits right was played by Jerry Reed.

Book #253: DeKok And The Dead Harlequin (1967, A C Baantjer)

Nothing special here. Just a whodunit. However, I wonder about the translation. This book was first published in 1967 but the monetary unit is said to be euros. The police are able to get a complete rap sheet right at their fingertips by using their desktop computer. The police inspector passes a park that hippies used to frequent "back in the sixties". Why change the timeline of the story? If the translator didn't make these changes then this must have been a sci-fi whodunit. An an amazing one - how could he have predicated that the Dutch currency would be called a "euro"? Amazing! Also, why did the translator change the policeman's name? In 1967 it was "De Cock" but now it's "DeKok". And he even has the policeman spell it out to everyone he meets: kay-oh-kay. This could not have been in the original because that's not how his name was spelled. I'm afraid these liberties by the translator so annoyed me that I was unable to follow the plot and had to wait for the policeman's explanation at the end of the book to find out "whodunit".

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