Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day #21,436

Walk km 2692-2698: Smithe/Burrard/Burrard bridge/6th/Alder Crossing/Lamey's Mill/Charleson park/Ferry Row/sea walk/Olympic Village/Ontario/2nd/Main

boats on the water
aprox km 2694 False Creek

Movie #1070: Nothing Sacred(1937, William A Wellman)

I seem to remember that back in the old days that this movie was considered lost. The version shown on TCM is just 71 minutes long so it probably is not the complete film - some scenes may be lost. But it's still 71 minutes of fun. I think we can thank screenwriter Ben Hecht for this. It's gags-a-plenty as small town girl Carole Lombard heads to New York to spend her last few weeks before dying of radiation poisoning.

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  1. How can your measure your walk? do you have any other friend to walk with you?! What is your job? ^^