Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day #21,438

Walk km 2706-2711: Burrard/Georgia/Pacific Centre/Pender/Abbott/Cordova/Gore/Powell/Main/Cordova/Columbus/Keefer/Carrall/Expo/Smithe
Walk km 2711-2715: Robson/Denman/sea walk/Bute/Robson

shack on poles
aprox km 2714 north sea walk

Movie #1072: Attack Of The Giant Leeches (1959, Bernard L Kowalski)

Here we go again. I saw Kowalski's "Night Of The Blood Beast" back on day #21397 and now we have his next epic made the following year. Well, it's no Night Of The Blood Beast but it still delivers the goods. Redneck yokels discover giant leeches out in the swamp that are sucking the blood outta anyone who gets too near the water. Lotsa moonshine swilling and one girl (Yvette Vickers) in very wet clothing. Hey, maybe that guy in Vanishing Point was named after Bernie!

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