Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day #21,410

Walk km 2559-2563: Smithe/Howe/Nelson/Seymour/Nelson/Richards/Robson/Cambie/Pacific/Davie/Howe/Nelson/Granville/Smithe

Loose Moose (with dumpsters)
aprox km 2562 Nelson near Granville

Book #252: The Triumph Of Ignorance And Bliss (2008, James Polk)

A rant against all that is wrong with the U.S. of A. And he keeps it down to just 300 pages! Nothing new about what is wrong now but Mr Polk does add historical background analysis to show us the road taken to get to today's miserable state of affairs. This book came out just before Obama was elected president. Has this improved things? It looks like Obama is trying but he's using a non-confrontational style. He's not telling it "like it is" because he must figure that America cannot accept the truth. But, can he affect meaningful change this way? I believe that Mr Polk would say no. I'm no expert so I'll wait and see.

Today's Tune: Jailhouse Rock
This morning I went for a little stroll through blogland and I found a recording that I think everyone would enjoy hearing: Jailhouse Rock by Boguslaw Wyrobek. This track is from the fine Berlin Beatet Bestes blog. Then I checked my files and found a breathless Mexican version by Los Teen Tops. One more? OK, I went over to eMusic to see what they had: how about one by Elvis Costello's dad? Sure.

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