Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day #21,434

Walk km 2671-2679: Robson/Homer/Beach/Richards/Pacific/(sky train)/41st/Ash/McGuigan/Heather/32nd/Heather/Oakridge shopping mall/Tisdall/49th/(sky train)/Robson/Burrard

unnatural vegetation
aprox km 2675 Ash St.

Book #254: The Red Badge Of Courage (1895, Stephen Crane)

Read most of this over my vacation in fits and starts so that may have hampered the reading experience somewhat. This book is kinda like science fiction: our hero enters another world where nothing resembles the normal world as he knows it. That world is the battlefield where all human interactions are twisted and warped. But there's nothing really pro or anti war here. Our hero enters this war for no good reason. There is nothing in the book about the reason for the war. It's just a description of war.

Movie #1069: Mad Dog Coll (1961, Burt Balaban)

The goofiest movie ever made? I was sure that the lead role was being played by a woman in drag (like "Homicidal" from the same year)! After watching it, I checked it out on IMDB and it turns out that this role was played by a man (and one with a long acting career!). Undoubtedly, the worst job of acting/casting ever. Also, lots of spiffy dialogue and plot missteps that will leave you scratching your head.

Today's Tune: Bye Bye Love
Although I don't usually buy CDs anymore (it's MP3s for me), I was looking for some driving music in Winnipeg when I rented a car to drive to Ottawa. IntoTheMusic had two Ditty Bops CDs for just $2 each.... SOLD! Bye Bye Love is from their 2006 CD, Moon Over The Freeway. The other version is the original one from 1957 by The Everly Brothers. You may remember hearing that one on the radio if you're as old as me. Both versions are winners.

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