Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day #21,414

Walk km 2580-2588: Science World over Granville Bridge and return with Tsuki & Glenn

Tsuki & Glenn
aprox km 2584 Granville Bridge

Movie #1059: The Face Of A Fugitive (1959,Paul Wendkos)

People heading out to the pictures in 1959 couldn't have been expecting much if they picked this Fred MacMurray western. Fred was pretty much at the end of the line and ready to be put out to pasture (TV). Well, this may not be "Ride The High Country" but it's not that far off the mark. Back in 1970, Andrew Sarris had Paul Wendkos included in his "newcomers" section of "American Cinema" along with the likes of John Boorman and Francis Ford Coppola. High praise for a guy mostly noted for his Gidget movies. However, it wasn't long before Paul followed Fred and was put out to pasture (television). From the looks of this movie, I think he gave up too soon.

Today's Tune:
The New Girl In School
Nice try virus! A got a rootkit virus the other day and had to reset my hard drive to it's original state. But, thanks to backups I didn't lose a single crappy tune.

Today's Tune II: Bucket T
While I'm at it I might as well add this other tune from Jan & Dean's "Dead Man's Curve/New Girl In School" LP that used to be a fave of mine during the vinyl era and has now been restored to my stereo thanks to Hodad Heaven.

Today's Tune III: Linda
OK, one more from that LP. This was a big hit for Buddy Clark back in 1946 and as all trivia buffs know the subject of the song was Linda Eastman/McCartney.

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