Friday, July 31, 2009

Day #21,409

Walk km 2550-2559: McHardy/Taunton/Kerr/Waverley/Mckinnon/St Julien Mews/Kerr/path through bush/Marine

a path through the bush
aprox km 2555 between Marine Dr & Fraserview Golf Course

Movie #1052: Les Bas-Fonds (1936, Jean Renoir)

I got snookered into this one. I'd seen this movie before but the DVD box said that both a Renoir & a Kurasawa were here and both movies were based on the same play by Maxim Gorki. I'd seen the Renoir before but I watched it again so I could compare it to the Kurasawa. However, after watching the Renoir I realized that the Kurasawa was nowhere to be found. Well, I can't complain too much, I enjoyed this movie the first time I saw it and the second time was quite enjoyable too.

Today's Tune: And I Love Her

Zip Your Rip has done it again: unearthed another LP from the 60s that should be filed under "long lost" and "long forgotten". However, since I'm sure nobody ever bought The Boss Guitars LP back when, there is nobody to have lost or forgotten it. I played one of the tracks from the LP and checked it on Last.FM: sure enough, the total plays on Last.FM for The Boss Guitars = zero. So, even if you don't like this version of a Beatles tune you can at least say that you are now one of the few people in the world who has heard it.
A better guitar version is by Jose Feliciano although if he would have lost those sappy strings it would have been much better.

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