Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day #21,403

Walk km 2516-2520: 16th/Trutch/18th/Balaclava/16th/Trutch/7th/Highbury/9th

Chevy BelAir (not everyone can afford a new car)
aprox km 2519 Blenheim near 7th

Movie #1044:Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978, Philip Kaufman)

This was one of my favourites of 1978 and "The Wanderers" was a favourite of 1979. I haven't seen a Philip Kaufman film since then. I'm only 30 years behind the times. This one posits that if you had the choice to live a stress free life or one with all the usual crap added, you should pick the crap filled one. The movie's audience agrees because we're biased. Pod people would no doubt be amused by those wacky humans.

Movie #1042: The Head (1959, Victor Trivas)

This one was a bit on the creepy side. Unfortunately, I was watching a pretty washed out copy. It would be very interesting to see a good copy of this one. Kudos to director Trivas for adding plenty of visual style to a very standard storyline (head transplants gone awry).

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