Monday, July 20, 2009

Day #21,398

Walk km 2463-2472: Vine/Oliver/Brakenridge/Eddington/Yew/Nanton/28th/Nigel/Dinmont/Talisman/27th/(bus)/Robson/Howe/Smithe
Walk km 2472-2474: Bute/Davie/Burrard

a tree
aprox km 2470 28th Ave

Movie #1039: Unknown World(1951, Terry Morse)

Brainless 50s shlock about starting a new civilization inside the earth because atomic power will destroy life on the surface. This is the kind of movie that gives garbage a bad name. Both dull & stupid.

Today's Tune: Baby Don't Cry
Lightweight "mersey beat" song - it ain't The Beatles but still goes down fine on a hot summer day like today

The Puppets (Preston, UK)

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