Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day #21,394

Walk km 2433-2436:Robson/Hamilton/Dunsmuir/Howe/Georgia/Thurlow
Walk km 2436-2440:Highbury/6th/McDonald/7th

Book #251: Just How Stupid Are We(Rick Shenkman, 2008)

The "feel good" book of the year. Yes, people sure are stupid.......but not us, not the readers of this book!
The author argues that people are stupid but nobody ever admits it. Not true, almost everybody thinks that "other people" are stupid. And organizations think people are stupid but obviously they cannot say this. Would you vote for or buy a product from someone who called you stupid? Of course not. But I think the author is on firm footing here. The subset of the masses that reads non-fiction is so small that we know he must be talking about "other people".
And his solution to the problem? Schools should teach students more about what is happening in the world. That of course, is no answer because if it was, it would already have been done. People in power don't really mind that people are stupid. They are much easier to control that way. Well, that's my theory anyway.....but it's probably wrong because I'm pretty stupid too!

Today's Tune: Beat It
Every blog has to have an MJ tribute

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