Friday, July 17, 2009

Day #21,395

Walk km 2440-2450: Science World to (and over) the Burrard Bridge to Science World(south side) with Meetup Walking group.

Beverley & Karen (meetup group)
aprox km 2447 Island Park Walk

Movie #1037: The Case Against Brooklyn (Paul Wendkos, 1958)

Well done expose of the mob and crooked cops being investigated by police recruits fresh from basic training (the only ones that could be trusted to be honest). Interesting that at the climax the main crooked cop has to turn against the mob because he'll take money to look the other way for gambling but not murder. Looks like someone got to Columbia Pictures to add that in.
Director Wendkos went right down hill from here. First, directing the Gidget movies and after that, nothing but TV.

Movie #1036: Gamera Vs Barugon (Shigeo Tanaka, 1966)

Really really bad of course. However, I've always been puzzled by these Japanese movies where mutants caused by atomic bombs try to destroy Japan. Why did the Japanese find this entertaining? In this one we have an added insult to the Japanese. Some loot hidden away by the Japanese army during the last days of WWII is recovered and brought back to Japan. But instead of it being a giant jewel, it's actually an egg. An egg of......a giant monster that hatches and immediately trys to destroy Japan! So in this one it's their participation in the war that comes back to destroy Japan. The exciting(?) conclusion to this one is that Gamera (an atomic bomb monster)comes back to defeat the WWII monster and thus saves Japan. All very confusing. I guess a person has to be Japanese to understand what all this means?

Today's Tune: My Son Calls Another Man Daddy

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