Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day #21,383

Walk km 2353-2358: Granville/26th/Alexandra/Hosmer/Maple/King Edward/Arbutus/Nanton/McBain/Trafalgar/16th

tree lined street
aprox km 2355 Pine Crescent

Movie #1032: I Shot Jesse James (1949, Sam Fuller)

I'm on a good run of movies here. This was Sam Fuller's first attempt at directing and although it isn't nearly as unique in structure as Impact or The Well, there are enough Sam Fuller touches to elevate it well above the standard B movie western.

Book #250: Maximum Bob(1991, Elmore Leonard)

I had to re-check the cover. This was Elmore Leonard right? For a minute there I thought I was reading Charles Willeford. This must be Mr Leonard's tribute to Willeford. Lotsa weird south Florida types up to no good and includes that finger breaking technique used in "Miami Blues". All in all, not as weird as Willeford (but a nice try) but more of a page turner (as Leonard's usually are).

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