Monday, July 13, 2009

Day #21,391

Walk km 2407-2413: 30th/Trafalgar/41st/Elm/42nd/McDonald/45th/Oak

more flowers
aprox km 2413 46th @ Oak

Movie #1035: Frozen Alive(Bernard Knowles, 1964)

Sometimes a person just feels like scrapping all that high-brow stuff and indulging in a bit of utter trash. This one fits the bill fairly well although the Americans generally can do this sort of thing much better (worse?) than this England/Germany co-production. Amazingly enough, just 3 years later, Bernie was hired by non other than The Beatles to direct their "Magical Mystery Tour" stinker.

Whereas Bernie went on to make Magical Mystery Tour, his leading lady in this picture (Marianne Koch) has an even more interesting itinerary. She had just completed an obscure (at the time) Italian western called "A Fistful Of Dollars" and then went on to make "Die Holle Von Manitoba", which is a movie I want to see.

Today's Tune: MacArthur Park
I've got a little free time on my hands here because the PokerNews website has crashed. Somebody has just posted another batch of Ronnie Aldrich easy listening duo piano MP3s. Love that 60s right channel/left channel stereo seperation. Also, since Ronnie can't sing we don't have to hear those profound lyrics about somebody leaving the cake out in the rain. But watch out for that climactic ending, is that Ronnie at the piano or is that Jerry Lee?!?
For our second version, I'm adding the Motown rendition as sung by Levi Stubbs and his Four Tops. The Temptations usually got the weird stuff to sing so it's nice that Levi gets a shot to sing about that cake in the rain and about it's such a tragedy because he'll never have that recipe again. Dang.

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