Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day #21,385

Walk km 2364-2370: Robson/Georgia/Beatty/(sky train)/29th/Nanaimo/Brock/Wenonah/29th/Sidney/Kingsway/Beatrice/Stainsbury/Commercial/Findlay/15th/Commercial/(sky train)/Georgia/Burrard
carved owl on gate post
aprox km 2366 29th Ave

Movie #1034: The Cobweb(1955, Vincente Minnelli)

Utter trash. When I went to the movies as a kid, this is the kind of stuff I saw. Actually, it was this stuff if it was a drama but it was that Doris Day/Rock Hudson kinda thing if it was a comedy. Utter trash.......and I liked it. Still do!

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