Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day #21,392

Today's Walk km 2413-2418: 4th/Balaclava/19th/Valley/Eddington/Yew/Valley/33rd/Arbutus

yet more flowers
aprox km2418 Arbutus near Valley

Movie Re-Watch: The Stuff(Larry Cohen, 1985)

After last night's taste of trash, I had to go with the real thing. This is Larry Cohen's masterpiece about the best tasting junk food ever. In fact, it tastes so good that it actually takes over your mind and body once eaten. Michael Moriarity is sent to save the world from death by junk food. Neat. Amazingly, this movie is rated only 56% by IMDB.

Today's Tune: Red Top
There's a bit of confusion about the origins of this song. It was recorded twice in 1947 and some say Gene Ammons covered Lionel Hampton and others contest that Hampton covered Ammons. Whatever. Those were instrumentals and it became a hit in a vocal version by Betty Carter in 1952. Our two versions are by The Teen Queens (of "Eddie My Love" fame) and the ubiquitous (at least around here) David Carroll.
On the video, no soul required to sing this one!

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