Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day #21,397

Today's Walk km 2454-2463: Burrard/Davie/Hornby/Drake/Howe/Granville Bridge/Granville Island to Jericho Beach (with meetup group)/Point Grey/Highbury/4th

Movie #1038: Night Of The Blood Beast(1958, Bernard L Kowalski)

A couple of days ago I visited the local HMV to buy a few videos. One was season one of TV's "The Rockford Files" and the other a 20 movie pack of shlock thrillers. I did watch the Bernard L Kowalski directed 2-part Rockford Files episode before deciding to watch "Night Of The Blood Beast" - and there he was again: Bernard L Kowalski.
This is a thinking man's 50s shlock monster movie. The monster came from outer space and the first impulse is to kill it. However, one character (who has been impregnated with space alien foetuses!) thinks that they should talk to him first in case he means no harm. Then when they do talk to him they can't figure out what to do. The monster wants to combine his species with humans in order to prevent humans from destroying themselves. It seems that the aliens were almost destroyed when they discovered atomic power. The humans aren't sure what to do with the monster but it's the guy with the foetuses that realizes that it's all a trick. He's in the clutches of the alien but he commits suicide so that the others will be free to kill the alien without harming him. OK, it's not exactly Shakespeare but for a 50s monster movie it's pretty darn good.
And as the posters at IMDB mention, watching Georgianna Carter in her jump suit is an added bonus (for half the audience anyway).

Today's Tune: Swing Brother Swing
Today's tune had its beginnings in 1930s Harlem but our two versions here were recorded by a Texan in Paris during the 30s(Willie Lewis) and by a Canadian in the 90s (Ray Condo).

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