Monday, July 6, 2009

Day #21,384

Today's Walk km 2358-2364: Robson/Georgia/Main/Keefer/Gore/Powell/Abbott/Cordova/Richards/Hastings/Granville/Georgia/Hornby/Robson/Burrard

dead birds in display window
aprox km 2361 Gore near Keefer

Today's Movie: Across 110th Street (Barry Shear, 1972)

Blaxploitation deluxe. It has that 1970s TV cop show look. A check over at IMDB shows that Shear headed straight for TV after this with credits that included Ironside, Starsky & Hutch, Streets Of San Francisco etc.
One more thing I've gotta check on IMDB: why did the mob shoot Anthony Quinn at the end of the movie. Quinn was quite happy to take the mob's money by Kotto refused. Why not shoot Kotto?
Update: guy at IMDB says the mob guy killed Quinn for personal reasons not connected to the mob: Quinn made him lose face by beating him in front of his boss. OK.

Today's Tune: Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
It's nice when someone else does all the legwork. I spotted this over at Funky16Corners. If you read through their comments section you'll find as much info as you'll ever need about ST-4.
Now, who's gonna volunteeer to track down info on this Tony Morgan fellow?

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