Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day #21,404

Walk km 2520-2527: Broadway/Woodland/Dumfries/Fleming/Dumfries/54th/55th/54th

Movie #1045: It's A Bikini World (1967, Stephanie Rothman)

This one is a little sad. Here it was 1967 and California kids were into The Grateful Dead & The Jefferson Airplane but here was Hollywood giving them Tommy Kirk and Deborah Walley as if the Summer Of Love never happened. And what's with this Tommy Kirk fellow - he's terrible. I looked him up in IMDB and it turns out that he's a fugitive from the Disney studios who was gay. He may have been miscast as the wolf in a wortld of bikinis. Fake Dick Dale music from Mike Curb. Lip-syncing bands: Eric Burdon looks especially bored. And Sid Haig has hair! Like watching a train wreck: I couldn't look away.

Today's Tune: Jesus Christ Superstar
Never did like this tune (or anything else by Rice/Webber) until today when I picked up a Eurorgan version by Santi Latora. I looked through eMusic for more of the same and got a UK organ version by The James Taylor Quartet. Then a no-organ-at-all version by The Don Kelly Band (from?). A swingin' time is guaranteed for all.

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