Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day #21,407

Walk km 2543-2548: Burrard/Pender/(bus)/16th/Manitoba/2nd/Quebec/Terminal/Station/Prior

The American Hotel
aprox km2547 Station street

Movie #1048: Werckmeister Harmonies (2000, Bela Tarr)

It's quite a leap from Arthur Lubin's "Hold On" to this. Are you sure this is the same art form? A cautionary tale of how mob violence is generated and about those who have a responsibilty to oppose it. However, I don't think this movie will attract too many viewers who could get any benefit from it. A work of art in a vacuum.

Today's Tune: Where Were You When I Needed You
So you won't have to sit through the movie "Hold On!" like I had to, here's the highlight of the movie: Herman's Hermits' version of Sloan & Barri's "Where Were You When I Needed You". As an added bonus, the original Sloan/Barri version recorded under the name "The Grassroots" (before such a group existed).

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