Friday, July 3, 2009

Day #21,381

Walk km 2342-2349: Burrard/Georgia/Stanley Park(Lost Lagoon -> 3rd Beach -> English Bay)/Davie/Denman

Tatlow Trail
aprox km2345 Stanley Park

Movie #1030: Impact(Arthur Lubin, 1949)

Hey, I liked this one! This is one of those $2 movies I bought at the Army & Navy store. I was just watching this one to pass the time. It starts out as a superior crime drama before changing gears into a paean to the simple joys of small town America. Then it throws in a giant plot hole which allows us to enjoy the big murder trial climax. Anna May Wong. Lots of outdoor scenes of San Francisco. Ella Raines in a mechanic's uniform. It's got it all! Well, not really, but when your expectations are so low, it makes for a swell 90 minutes.

Today's Tune: Fresh Garbage

Didn't really think I'd find a cover of this one. "Fresh Garbage" was track 1 of side 1 on Spirit's first LP from 1968. The cover by The Evolution is from Spain and was recorded in 1970. Thanks to the TwilightZone for the Evolution cover.

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