Friday, August 27, 2010

Day #21,436

Walk km 5425-5435 (16,001 to go): King Edward/Crown/24th/Dunbar/King Edward/Arbutus/16th/E Blvd/17th/Cedar/Fir/Granville bridge/Howe/Smithe

statue of boy playing
aprox km 5432 Fir Street

Movie #1365 (#181 this year): We Don't Live Here Anymore(2004, John Curran)

Two couples are having marital problems. Their actions range from saint to jerk. Then there's an epiphany by the jerk. And the movie ends. So?
Always fun to see Laura Dern though - that kid can emote like crazy.

Movie #1366 (#182 this year): Slightly Honorable(1939, Tay Garnett)

Eve Arden with a fly on her nose (that's how we know that she's dead)

This was an odd find in the Internet Archives. A cast of Pat O'Brien, Broderick Crawford, Eve Arden and Edward Arnold directed by Tay Garnett. Sounds awfully close to an "A" picture to me.
This one has the problem of being a murder/comedy. Serious crime drama one minute and slapstick the next. The crime drama part was crap. There were some good jokes in the comedy half but a bad print means that I missed a fair amount of dialogue due to bad sound. Reasonably entertaining.

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