Monday, August 16, 2010

Day #21,788

Walk km 5335-5337: running errands

Movie #1354 (#170 this year): Great Day In The Morning (1956, Jacques Tourneur)

Decided to watch a movie on TV today. You expect a lot from Jacques Tourneur but this would be one of his lesser efforts. Colourful western with some nice touches but otherwise nothing special.

Movie #1355 (#171 this year): Continental (2007, Stephane Lafleur)

an exciting action scene from "Continental"

Finally! That was quite a streak of clunkers and so-sos. Continental is the story of four depressed people. They all lead lives of "quiet desperation". Normally, this would be a feel good movie since, in comparison, the viewer's life must be so much better. However, Stephane Lafleur does a wonderful job of making these characters real and we become depressed right along with his subjects. So, depressing yes, but my eyes were glued to the screen throughout. Can't ask for more.

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