Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day #21,787

Walk km 5325-5327: to T&T Supermarket
Walk km 5327-5335: Vanness/Oben/Aberdeen/Euclid/Duchess/29th/Penticton/27th/Nanaino/28th/Sidney/26th/Victoria/Hull/John Hendry park/Victoria/10th

lazy Sunday afternoon
aprox km 5332 26th Ave

Movie #1353 (#169 this year): Noirs Et Blancs En Couleur (1976, Jean-Jacques Annaud)

Sorry, I didn't get it. A movie about idiocy. It seems lots of people are idiots but it's better to be smart. That's it? I'll have to check IMDB.
I checked with IMDB. Only one reviewer got the impression that being an idiot was better than being smart. I was thinking that that was were this film was going but I don't think it ever got there. Yes, the smart one started to get a swelled head and by bringing in a 100 more natives to fight could have caused a much bigger disaster than what the idiots had in mind. Except it never happened. Unless that bit about people dying because of the rain meant that the entire army was wiped out? I didn't get that impression. Maybe some scenes are missing?

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