Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day #21,782

Walk 5275-5283 (16,499 to go): 28th/Boundary/27th/26th/Lillooet/25th/Boyd/Renfrew/20th/Kaslo/19th/Renfrew/18th/Winlaw/18th/Copley/17th/Kamloops

hot rod
aprox km 5282 18th Ave

Movie #1350 (#166 this year): Le Journal D'un Suicide(1973, Stanislav Stanojevic)

Delphine Seyrig looks fabulous in Le Journal D'un Suicide

Incomprehensible movie. Therefore, worthless.
It may be the greatest movie ever made (or the worst) but if nobody can understand it.... then nothing can pass between the creator and the audience thus rendering it worthless.

Movie #1351 (#167 this year): Call Me Bwana(1963, Gordon Douglas)

Hey, since we're making a jungle picture, let's have Bob Hope and Arnold Palmer do some golf scenes!

The producers who brought you James Bond now bring you the latest Bob Hope comedy. And just to be different, they're going to attempt to create a comedy without any funny bits. And they succeeded - nothing funny about this movie at all. Depressing.

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