Friday, August 13, 2010

Day #21,785

Walk km 5306-5318 (16,467 to go): from Science World to Kitsilano Beach (and return) with Meetup walking group then to T&T Supermarket

Meetup walking group
aprox km 5315 along False Creek

Book #306 (#29 this year): Way Down Deep In The Belly Of The Beast (1996,Douglas Fetherling)

This book was kind of confusing. I found it a great read and a real page turner. Why? Got me. It's reminiscences concerning 1970s Toronto publishing (mostly periodicals). A real yawn fest right? You would think so.
Was it the skilled writing style of Mr Fetherling? Maybe. Or maybe it was the binding. It's a paperback that's been converted to hardcover. Additionally, even though this was published in 1996, the pages are beginning to turn yellow with just the right amount of crinkle.
For now, I'll give the credit to Mr Fetherling.

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