Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day #21,773

Walk km 5199-5203: running errands
Walk km 5203-5211 (16,562 to go): Nanaimo/27th/Gladstone/Garden/Grandview/Templeton/13th/Commercial/14th/Maddams/14th/Main

another walking path
aprox km 5206 John Hendry Park

Movie #1337 (#158 this year): The Alpha Incident(1978, Bill Rebane)

Ralph Meeker in an exciting scene from The Alpha Incident

Just put a bunch of people together into a closed environment and you can't go wrong. Even with a movie as crappy as this, it works. Five people are quarantined in the railroad office in Moose Point where they are waiting it die. The dialogue is pretty bad. The added scenes with the two scientists looking for an antidote are pathetic. But the premise still works - despite everything, the Moose Point scenes are actually entertaining.

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