Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day #21,772

Walk km 5182-5196 (16,576 to go): to North Vancouver(over Lion's Gate bridge) with Meetup Group and then on to Lonsdale Quay
Walk km 5196-5199: to Safeway

the seawall
aprox km 5187 from Lion's Gate bridge

Movie #1336 (#157 this year): Monstrosity (Joseph V Mascelli, 1964)

Lisa Lang as the girl with a cat's brain

The worst of the horror genre: the mad scientist movie. However, it looks like they were having a good time making this one. The mad scientist is kept busy transplanting brains with goofy results: a man with a dog brain, a woman with a cat brain. Then the main villainess of our story has her brain transplanted into the cat when the mad scientist trys the old switcheroo.

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