Monday, July 19, 2010

Day #21,760

Walk km 5078-5084 (16,676 to go): to Yaletown Station/(skytrain+bus)/41st/St George/47th/Fraser/48th/St George/49th/Frederick/50th/St George/55th/Ontario/56th/Main

yellow truck with flowers
aprox km 5081 48th Ave

Movie #1330(#151 this year): Seventh Cavalry(1956, Joseph H Lewis)

The people who win the war get to write the history books. That's why most Hollywood movies make out the European invaders to be the "good guys" while the North Americans are considered the "bad guys" instead of the other way around.
This movie seems to be sitting on the fence. Although the European invaders are considered the "good guys" in this movie, their behavior certainly doesn't testify to that. There are enough "rotten apples" in this barrel to call into question just who is in the right here. But it doesn't take it easy on the natives either - it seems that they think that Custer was a great warrior (really!) and they get spooked when they see his horse return.
So, pretty darn goofy all around.

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